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by admin | December 20, 2017 5:39 pm

Initially, Blogging remained to journals of an individual’s daily work. As the time changed, internet started covering the whole world and blogging evolved. Now, you have various types of blogs that came into existence such as business blog, reverse blog, media blog and more but the value of a book blog is different. A book blogger doesn’t just take a cup of tea, sits on a relaxing chair and starts writing. It requires extreme exercise of brain. A book should be read with concentration every time. They don’t just write by seeing the title. They need sufficient time. You can look at the top book blogs online[1] such as The Indieview, The book designers, Bustle Books and more, they work very hard in giving the best articles of nearly everything such as business, entertainment, politics and other important fields also. They update their blog at least ten to fifteen times a day that’s why they create such a huge audience. Nothing comes without efforts.

Blog for business: As the surfing on the internet increased some people thought of making money out of it and they succeeded. If you are also good at writing contents and want to make money running a blog then you can become an entrepreneur running a small business of blogging. First you have to provide very good contents for free. You have to attract more and more readers. Then you have to provide even better content for few days. And one day put charges on them. If you are able in providing good and simple contents constantly, people will definitely purchase them. You might get shorter revenue but don’t feel disappointed. Here are some points that you need to know on how to boost blog revenue[2].

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